Sound Test: KBD75 Oco Modern Beige Purple Hangul Typing Test

Hope you guys enjoy the video and hopefully it provides information on how this combination sounds like

Mazda Roadster Restoration Program

Mazda has announced a restoration program for one of their famous classic the Mazda Miata MX-5 Roadster. The MX-5 like some classic cars has a huge cult following. Back in the day when the car came out, it was unique a 2 door small NA roadster. During the time when all the other manufacturers were concentrating their resources in producing cost effective sedans, Mazda chose to come up with a unique, 2 door roadster and I knew then when it first came out that it will be a classic in the years to come.

True enough 28 years after it's initial launch, the cult for this car is very much alive and kicking not only in Japan but also around the globe. So for Mazda to recognize this and provide something that I am sure every single MX-5 owner would like to be part of is something special.

The announcement about the restoration was made today. There are also a trial restoration photos provided from this link

Hopefully everyone who owns and loves their MX-5 can partake in this restoration program so the legacy can live on for another 28 years or more.

Modern Biege Purple Hangul

Being in the keyboard game means not only talking/dealing about different keycaps and profiles. It also means dealing with different type of plastics used with keycap manufacturing. Aside from ABS which is the common plastics used with your keyboard or stock keyboard keycaps. There is also PBT which has a different texture and also has different qualities compared to ABS plastic. Common reasons people want to use pbt is because they do not shine as fast as normal ABS plastic, they are not as susceptible to fingerprints or dirt accumulation compared to ABS. If you want to know a lot more about PBT plastic Wikipedia has nice information about it.

This modern beige set that I have came from Originative it is basically like Gateron think pbt or maybe enjoypbt. 1.5mm thick and the feel to it is quite nice. PBT is nice to type on from time to time but if you follow this website you would know that I am more on thick abs specially the Signature Plastics SA profile keycaps. Nonetheless think PBT like these are nice for someone who likes cherry profile keycaps.

Here is what my modern beige looks like and what came with the kit that I got

Modern Beige Purple Hangul

KBD75 + JTK PoW (Purple on White) Debut

I've had this JTK Purple on white for quite sometime now and only last week I have decided to slap in on my KBD75. Since I sold most of my keyboards and I only have the KBD75 to play with, I guess it was time to run the set with the custom keyboard that I have. It looks ok to me but some people might find the color combination odd or colors might not match.

If you check my website or even my youtube channel you will find the sound of this keyset and the DSA's almost sound the same. Considering these are doubleshot ABS and waaaay more thicker than the DSA's, I thought that they should have sounded quieter. But anyway I hope you enjoy the album below.


Sound Test: KBD75 JTK Debut (PoW) Typing Test

So I installed my old JTK Debut on my KBD75 with gateron browns. And as the usual me, I did a typing sound test. I am really used to high profile keycaps (OEM profile and above) so please don't mind the slow typing speed as I am still getting used to cherry profile. I have used cherry profile before but I feel like that they are too low and I am having a hard time typing as fast as I type on SA profile keycaps.