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Sound Test: TX-CP Vintage Brown 64g springs Modern Beige PBT

I used my Oco Modern Beige Purple Hangul as my first keyset of choice for my TX-CP. The sound before I believe is still different from how it sounds now since the springs and switches have since broken in. But just to give you guys an idea on how it sounds like on newly built Vintage cherry mx brown with 64g korean springs.

The keyboard is still kinda quite so you may have to turn up the volume for this one

Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

The best looking keyboard with my SA Carbon set. One problem though is that SA profile does not really look that good when used with floating keyboards (at least from my opinion).

Well I hope you enjoy the album below

Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

Varmilo VA87M + Taihao Olivetti + Aluminum CNC Case

My Old Varmilo VA87M. I sold it with the original plastic blue case, Taihao Olivetti keycaps and Aluminum CNC Case

Varmilo VA87M

Ganss GK87 Pro + SA Carbon

Ganss GK87 Pro

Sound Test: Ganss GK87 Pro Cherry MX Brown

So I got a hold of a keyboard from China. The Ganss GK87 Pro. It comes with RGB under glow unfortunately it is not programmable but there are several available lighting modes. The keys only has back lit ice blue color which is ok with me.

The board is light but it feels solidly built. It comes with geniune Cherry MX Brown switches. The board really feels nice to type on using the stock pbt backlit keycaps. I the stabilizers on this thing is much much better compared to my Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S which was very ratly specially the backspace key and the right shift key. Not sure how they did it but the box says the stabilizers has been tuned. It was tuned just the way I like it. Almost feels like the stabilizers feel the same way as my pok3r with cherry mx browns.

I uploaded a sample typing sound test for you guys, watch it below