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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro PuLse

1 day after my CM Masterkeys Pro S got delivered I decided to install my PuLse SA keycaps on them. I don't normally use the stock/oem keycaps that come with my keebs, I just try them out for a day or two after receiving the keyboard and put nice keysets on the board after that.

So if anyone was wondering how the PuLse SA would look like on these keyboard. Please see below for yourself

Cooler Master Masterkyes Pro S + PuLse SA

Back to my roots Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S

I recently sold my mx black quickfire rapid because I found a good deal for RGB TKL specifically the CM Masterkeys Pro S. I thought store prices from local shops in Malaysia was quite absurd. I tried going the Lazada way it was cheaper yeah but it was still way out of my budget. I decided to check the local online shop that started before Lazada even happend.. and I did a very nice deal for the price including shipping. I could have driven and picked it up from the shop in Klang but decided I'de pay the extra 10 bucks which will still save me from petrol and toll gate costs.

I have to say board feels nice but I still like how my 2 old quickfires looked specifically the top case. This one is a tad bit more lighter and also the feel is so much plastic unlike the old QFR's. The cherry mx brown is quite nice though and the colors are good for an RGB board. Read more…

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA Carbon

Not sure if this works well but I think the color of the board matches the carbon or I might be wrong. I am thinking of repainting my board but still lazy right now considering I only want to change it because of the Carbon SA keycaps that I have while all the other keycap sets that I have matches the color on it right now. Any how if you are reading this you might want to give me suggestions about the color for the board to match the set. Thanks

Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid SA Carbon

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA PuLse

I cycle thru my keycap collection from time to time. Last week I had this keeb for the rest of the week. Sharing how PuLse SA looked like on my customer painted board.

Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid SA Pulse

Quickfire Stealth with GMK Carbon

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Hmmmm I am not sure about this combination. I transferred the GMK Carbon TKL set to my Quickfire Stealth with green switches and for some reason I am having a hard time typing fast with good accuracy. I can type fast but I observed that I would need to hit the backspace key more often than I should.

I think I am not for this Cherry profile and clicky switches combination. I did not have this issue when I had the set on my QFR with cherry mx blacks. I moved over the Taihao yellow/blue keycaps to my QFR and another strange thing is I am liking it and I like typing on that thing more than the greens with GMK. Read more…