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Sound Test: Ganss GK87 Pro + DSA Dolch

I have sold this set recently might as well post a typing sound video here. DSA on this keyboard feels good and the switches really sound snappy. I have posted a review about this keyboard a few months back. This Ganss has one of the best stabilizers I've used and from my opinion has better stabilizers compared to CM Masterkeys Pro S.

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

Here is the album for my KBD75 using DSA Dolch by signature plastics. Unfortunately I do not have any typing videos of this keyboard and I have sold the DSA Dolch set.

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

DSA Granite

In between May and July I decide to sell my DSA key caps since I found out that DSA is not really for me. I like the design no doubt about it but I really like/love higher profile key caps.

Too bad I really wanted to keep and use the DSA Granite Elven Tongue caps but unfortunately the profile is not for me. I eventually sold them to someone in the Philippines and he decided he wanted all the kits.

Gallery below in memory of my DSA Granite kits

DSA Granite

Ganss GK87 Pro + SA Carbon

Ganss GK87 Pro

SA Penumbra + Sa PuLse

What happens when you combine SA Penumbra and SA PuLse. There is my take. Please take note that I did this the fastest way I can..... sooo some keys might not be in the correct location as they should.


SA Solarized Pulse