Blog: Japan


Not much... just wanted to share some photos of my HHKB Type-S before I sold it. Not much people know that I have this board, well I wasn't really too fond of it. I did not really like to use it not sure maybe because I don't like the layout or because I don't like the feel or the sound of it.

Anyway below are the last photos I took with the board including the pbt spacebar that I bought for it.


Le Mans Cars On The Streets of Japan

I found this video a long time ago and chanced upon it last night while checking out youtube. How I wish I was that rich to be able to drive a real le mans car on the streets. I know it wouldn't make sense to every average person but being a car guy, things like this can be considered as orgasm for us.

Credits to the video poster and it plays in 4k too damn!