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Keycool 87 + Solarized SA (Penumbra)

Keycool 87 + Carbon + Solarized SA (Penumbra?)

Keycool 87 + 1976 SA

Keycool 87 + SA 1976

Sound Test: Danger Zone SA + Keycool TKL Cherry MX Red

Here is a quick sound test Uniform R3 SA on Cherry MX Red. Cheapo board

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Industrial

My MX Brown Poker 3 using SA Industrial. Uniform R3, PBT key caps from Signature plastics. The key set for me is underrated. It does fell very nice and it feels good to type on. Not sure why there is not much demand for it from the used/aftermarket websites. It did sell out from PMK's website from what I understand.

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Industrial

SA Industrial

Recently I was able to acquire my first PBT SA profile key set. It is in uniform R3. I believe this came before SA Ice Caps. This is PBT from Signature Plastics. Unlike most of the SA key sets that I had, this one is quite unique. It does not come with any shine and its matte finish. Really nice to type on these and I am quite liking it. If its true PBT, I believe this should not produce any shine for a very long time.

Hope you enjoy the album below

SA Industrial