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Not much... just wanted to share some photos of my HHKB Type-S before I sold it. Not much people know that I have this board, well I wasn't really too fond of it. I did not really like to use it not sure maybe because I don't like the layout or because I don't like the feel or the sound of it.

Anyway below are the last photos I took with the board including the pbt spacebar that I bought for it.


Sound Test: TX-CP Vintage Brown 64g springs SA Godspeed

The switches have really been broken it after using the keyboard for 2 months as my main home board. I have since then switched to SA Godspeed keycaps.

I really like how it sounds now. The sound sculptured SA profile produces is really to my liking, probably one of the reason why I want to use the profile so much.

TX-CP with SA Godspeed

I've decided to use my SA Godspeed set with my TX-CP. I think it looks good. The keycaps goes well with the color of the case. Have opinions? Please post below.

TX-CP SA Godspeed

TX-CP Modern Beige Purple Hangul

This was my first choice of keycap set to use with my TX-CP... I feel it compliments the colors of the case. Tell me what you think in the comments.

TX-CP Modern Beige Purple Hangu

Sound Test: TX-CP Vintage Brown 64g springs Modern Beige PBT

I used my Oco Modern Beige Purple Hangul as my first keyset of choice for my TX-CP. The sound before I believe is still different from how it sounds now since the springs and switches have since broken in. But just to give you guys an idea on how it sounds like on newly built Vintage cherry mx brown with 64g korean springs.

The keyboard is still kinda quite so you may have to turn up the volume for this one