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KBD75 + JTK PoW (Purple on White) Debut

I've had this JTK Purple on white for quite sometime now and only last week I have decided to slap in on my KBD75. Since I sold most of my keyboards and I only have the KBD75 to play with, I guess it was time to run the set with the custom keyboard that I have. It looks ok to me but some people might find the color combination odd or colors might not match.

If you check my website or even my youtube channel you will find the sound of this keyset and the DSA's almost sound the same. Considering these are doubleshot ABS and waaaay more thicker than the DSA's, I thought that they should have sounded quieter. But anyway I hope you enjoy the album below.


Sound Test: KBD75 JTK Debut (PoW) Typing Test

So I installed my old JTK Debut on my KBD75 with gateron browns. And as the usual me, I did a typing sound test. I am really used to high profile keycaps (OEM profile and above) so please don't mind the slow typing speed as I am still getting used to cherry profile. I have used cherry profile before but I feel like that they are too low and I am having a hard time typing as fast as I type on SA profile keycaps.

JTK Debut PoW (Purple on White)

JTK Debut or sometimes called PoW which is short for purple on white. The first keyset produced by a company JTK. It is like GMK double shot abs. Comparing JTK with GMK, I would say GMK is more polished and the quality is more mature. Not too bad considering JTK is a new company. Not really sure if they created their own molds but if they did then they did a hell of a wonderful job.

I am not really too sure about the history of the molds all I know is that GMK bought the original tooling from Cherry and ever since then they have been producing cherry profile keycaps. In any case these JTK I would say is great if you want to try out doubleshot abs and want to know how it would feel like typing on a GMK.

Here is the album of the kit I have

JTK Purple on White (POW or Debut)

KBD75 + DSA Granites

Sharing an album when I was still using my DSA Granites + Elven Tongue kit with my KBD75 with Gateron Browns.

KBD75 + DSA Granite

DSA Granites + Eleven Tongue

This set has long been sold to someone from the Philippines. I do love the Elven Tongue kit and I believe it adds character to the keyboard plus it is a head turner at the office the problem is the DSA profile is just not for me.

I think the lowest I can go will be cherry profile even with that profile I am having issues and I don't type as fast or as accurate when I am using higher profile keycaps like OEM profile or SA profile.

Anyways here is the complete kits that I have.

DSA Granite