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Custom Blue CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

Finished product after repainting my Quickfire Rapid with Cherry MX Black

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Repainting CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

Finally had the time to paint my CM Storm Quickfire Rapid top case. I had this all planned out when I ordered new keycaps from TaoBao but didn't really had the time when the caps arrived. My QFR is already 4 years old and the top case and keys have seen much better days but the Cherry MX switches all still work fine though. My previous posts will show the condition of the top case if you guys would like to see.

Before I begin with the steps I took to paint my case, I would like to note that I am not preaching this as the only and perfect method. You are free to check other methods from other websites or youtube. With my experience with painting cars (no I do not paint it but I get to talk and work with some car painters) I tried to follow some methods used in car painting.

Another thing before I start with the steps. Please make sure to check on how to open up your mechanical keyboard since every keyboard is different. This will also void the warranty for your keyboard if it is still inside warranty. So only do this when you are sure you want to give up the warranty for your board. Read more…

Cooler Master Storm Quickfire Rapid with Unbranded PBT Keycaps

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Mechanical Black Clacker... Fingerasm 1

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid (none-backlitt) Cherry MX Black switches

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Photo above shows my daily warrior for work and home use. It has gone throught a lot but still working as good as the first time I bought it. The keyboard is probably almost 3 years odl already and the body of the thing is showing up the scars from the daily abuse. Normally what I would do is sell the thing off and get a new one. I can't let this go for some reason.

Lately I have been shopping for a cheap rgb keyboard and I bought one cheap chinese brand from a local seller from where I am. Quality seems ok. I will some details about it in a bit. Read more…