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TX-CP with SA Godspeed

I've decided to use my SA Godspeed set with my TX-CP. I think it looks good. The keycaps goes well with the color of the case. Have opinions? Please post below.

TX-CP SA Godspeed

KBD75 + DSA Granites

Sharing an album when I was still using my DSA Granites + Elven Tongue kit with my KBD75 with Gateron Browns.

KBD75 + DSA Granite

DSA Granites + Eleven Tongue

This set has long been sold to someone from the Philippines. I do love the Elven Tongue kit and I believe it adds character to the keyboard plus it is a head turner at the office the problem is the DSA profile is just not for me.

I think the lowest I can go will be cherry profile even with that profile I am having issues and I don't type as fast or as accurate when I am using higher profile keycaps like OEM profile or SA profile.

Anyways here is the complete kits that I have.

DSA Granite

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

Here is the album for my KBD75 using DSA Dolch by signature plastics. Unfortunately I do not have any typing videos of this keyboard and I have sold the DSA Dolch set.

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

Varmilo VA87M + SA Industrial

Of all the key caps I have tested and used with the VA87M, I feel the SA Industrial is the best keps with the keyboard. This is an old setup and I have long sold both they keyboard and the key set.

This my Varmilo VA87M was using an aluminum case off taobao and I felt the difference between aluminum and the original plastic case. The sound was more pronounced and solid and not hollow like when I was using the plastic case with it.

The board also came with Cherry MX Brown switches with felt really great with the SA industrial set.

Hope you enjoy the album below

Varmilo VA87M + SA Industrial