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Sound Test: Pok3r + Tex Case + SA Industrial

I made this a while back and forgot about it.. So I am posting it now in case anyone wants to hear how it sounds.

DSA Granite

In between May and July I decide to sell my DSA key caps since I found out that DSA is not really for me. I like the design no doubt about it but I really like/love higher profile key caps.

Too bad I really wanted to keep and use the DSA Granite Elven Tongue caps but unfortunately the profile is not for me. I eventually sold them to someone in the Philippines and he decided he wanted all the kits.

Gallery below in memory of my DSA Granite kits

DSA Granite

Ganss GK87 Pro + SA Carbon

Ganss GK87 Pro

Keycool 87 + 1976 SA

Keycool 87 + SA 1976

Sound Test: Danger Zone SA + Keycool TKL Cherry MX Red

Here is a quick sound test Uniform R3 SA on Cherry MX Red. Cheapo board