CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA Nantucket Selectrics

Whenever I have new keysets that arrive. I always test them out first on my old buy reliable 5 year old QFR. I’de like to test it out with my MX Blacks since I primarily use this keyboard for work.

All I have to say is that they made my stiff black switches softer. Even my office colleague who have type on this keyboard had the same opinion. He never really like cherry mx black because it was too stiff for him but he said with the SA profile keycaps, he can probably get used to it. Not sue why but maybe because of the higher profile which means a bit less travel to press the keys and also it makes pressing the keys very satisfying.

I had 2 sets of add-on or some sort of novelties when I ordered my set it was really a struggle for me to choose which setup I would like to use and most of the time the problem is that you would want to use all the keys as much as possible.

Check out the album below and maybe let me know what you guys think?