CM Storm Quickfire Stealth with SA Nantucket Selectric

After running the SA Nantucket Selectric on my mx blacks it was time to test them out on my QF Stealth MX Greens. I swapped out all the keys and again had to choose how to setup the add-ons I wanted. Just like with the mx blacks, the SA profile made my QFS mx greens softer to type on. The only one gripe I have right now is the sound of the space bar. Since the SA profile is higher the spacebar is more domier (if ever there is a word) and this causes a pinging/doming sound whenever I hit on it.

I can’t complain since the spacebar sound adds character to the key pressed and I am not annoyed by it. I know some people will get annoyed by it and complain but I don’t care I like the sound of it.

I tested 10fastfingers with this Nantuckets and I improved to by 4-6 words per minute on both my mx blacks and mx greens. I am really starting to think of giving up my GMK cherry profile sets for SA profiles since they really feel nice for typing. I am just concerned about the pricing for the SA profiles going up.