Dota 2 Update 7.00 Corrupt Data Files Error

I have been running Linux on all my computers at home both my desktop and my laptop. That means I am playing steam from Linux (well at least the natively supported games for linux)

Recently I posted the new Dota 2 7.00 patch… a very big patch from Valve which kinda changed the game a whole lot…. that includes support for certain file systems (I guess).. I was running dual boot windows 10 and linux on my desktop before I decided to delete the windows partition since I find myself always using Linux instead and I am not as young as before in a sense that I do not play a lot of computer games anymore.. I do have my playstation 4 for the casual NBA 2k gaming though. So I had a data drive where my steam directory is stored since I am running my OS on a SSD drive and it doesn’t really have too much space. This drive is an NTFS partition drive since I was using it with windows previous and never bothered to change it since I am able to read/write on the drive without any issues. Another reason I did not change is because, since it is my data drive I can always remove it and connect it to another machine (most probably running windows) and it will be recognized by that machine without any issues.

Going back to the problem…. the update will not finish and will always give me an error about “Corrupt Data Files” I tried several fixes including removing the whole game itself and tried reinstalling it but was still having the same error.

What I did was I removed the game and reinstall it but this time I chose to install it on my Linux OS drive which is using ext4 file system. It installed just fine and ran without any issues. Now I am not sure if this is a limitation put in by Valve or they made a mistake since running the game from a NTFS partition worked just fine before.

Until I read any updates on this I will be running Dota 2 from my main Linux drive. If you are reading this you might be having the same issue. I sure hope this fixes the problem you are having.