66key Mini Leopold FC660M PD

So I sold my TX-CP a couple of weeks right before the new year. Just like my other keyboards, I felt bored with the TX-CP and felt like I needed a smaller board since I only use my mechanical keyboards at home nowadays.

When I was shopping for a 65-66key keyboard, I had 3 choices: Leopold FC660M, Varmilo VA68 and Vortex keyboard. Do take note that all the 3 keyboard had the same cost at the time of my purchase.

The vortex keyboard build was really not up to par for the price they wanted for it and typing on the board it sounded hollow.

The VA68 was my initial choice for 65-66 keys but the store only had the special edition miya pro, mac, and the panda version which was really a Varmilo but being marketed as Ducky. In all honesty, if they had a VA68M in there I would have grabbed it, paid and be happy with it.

I chose the Leopold FC660m because of the build quality and ofcourse it came with doubleshot pbt keycaps. I also have an option to get a full aluminum case from aliexpress in the future. This is an ultra compact layout that allows much of the functionality of a full size keyboard through the use of the Function layer (FN).

As always I went with MX Browns which are basically my favorite switches.

Below are the keyboard features:

Keyboard Features

  • 66-Key modified US ANSI Layout w/English Legends
  • Cherry MX series keyswitches with clicky tactile feel and silver/gold contacts; aka “Cherry Blue Switches”, 4.0mm travel, 50cN weighting (~50grams)
  • 50 million actuations
  • Dimensions: 325 x 109 x 39mm
  • Detachable USB mini-B interface, 2.0m cable included
  • NEW “Step-sculpture 2” low profile Keycaps (Leopold exclusive)
  • High durability PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps
  • Lasered legends
  • Keyboard mode selection dip-switch
  • Weight: 700g
  • Made in Korea

Whats in the box?

  • 66-Key Mini Keyboard
  • 2.0m USB A to mini-B cable w/velcro wrap
  • Extra keycaps to interchange capslock with control