MT3 Godspeed

Recently I got board with my Leopold FC660M and wanted to give it a makeover. I searched around locally if anyone was selling any interesting keycaps. I did find a few gmk’s, SA’s but what caught my eye was this MT3 Godspeed set.

I have always wanted to try the MT3 profile ever since the first MT3 Set came out which was the /dev/tty but unfortunately I didn’t have the urge that time because I was kinda retired from the keyboard game. The profile is a bit lower than SA but is still very high compared to oem or cherry profile.

I must say it only took me a few minutes to get used to the profile since I was used to using SA profile keycaps. It was a pleasure using the keycaps for typing but I wouldn’t say the same when using it for gaming. It will take a little getting used to. I did mount the spacebar the other way around as I am used to have my spacebar mounted that way even if I am using cherry or oem profile.

The colors are nice and it compliments the color of the case. I wouldn’t say it is perfect, in fact it still has flaws specially with the legends. The legends are somewhat inconsistent and off centered. Another concern I have is that the stems are a bit too tight when installing the keycaps. Aside from that I love this keycap set and I might be using it for a bit of time.

Photos below. I basically have: Solar Alphas, Apollo Mods and Spilt Spacebars



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