Varmilo Sword68 (VA68M-V3) + MT3 Godspeed

Since I am retiring my Leopold FC660M and I have it posted on most selling portals. I have decided to switch the keycaps on the VA68M-V3. I think it looks good since the contrast of the keycaps is on the other side of the spectrum. It makes the keycaps popout because the case is all black. It actually feels good typing on these keycaps on an all aluminum case with an aluminum plate. The sound is not as loud as SA and is a bit muffled but I am liking it so far.

If you notice in my typing videos, I have now decided to do it in 2 parts. one with the stand off feet closed and one with the feet opened up. You will actually notice a sound difference. I almost always like the sound with the stand off feet closed for full aluminum boards and I normally like the feet opened up when I am using normal plastic cases. Not sure why but I am weird I guess?

Anyway hope you enjoy the photos below.