I am fucking late for the party then.. Onyx.Abed

I am freaking late for the fucking party… Just found out Abed left Execration… only to find out after 15mins that he joined a new team named Onyx and all this happened last month.. Dafuq just happened.

I did try to catch Execration during the ESL One Genting but was not really able to watch games because of my professional career (WTF?). Execration did not really show up in that tournament and now I think know why they never showed up… there was no Abed.

Oh well good luck to Abed who is not part of a US (NA) Based team… I think he is the first one aside from Jeyo Madayag of Rave years back. Hope he can carry the Philippine flag higher. Looking at the bright side for things, this could potentially open the doors for more professional Filipino players who has potential to get picked up by foreign teams.

Seems like this is the debut of Abed Meepo with his new team.