Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

For me my SA Carbon looked best when I had it paired with my Varmilo VA87M.

One problem though is that SA profile does not really look that good when used with keyboards that has floating keycaps design (at least from my opinion).

This specific Varmilo VA87M comes with an aluminum case from taobao and it makes the whole board very hefty and solid. This also causes typing sound to change compared to using the original plastic case.

Ganss GK87 Pro + SA Carbon

The Ganss GK87 Pro is one of those keyboards you can buy that comes with good RGB underglow.

When I say RGB, I mean RGB. RGB whores will definitely be in love with the glow of this thing. The underglow also comes with several lighting modes which is quite nice.

The board feels solid and really feels premium. If there is one complaint I have with this board, it would be the non detachable usb cable. I like my usb cables detachable since I normally bring my keyboards to work or some place where I need to do some typing stuff.

The feel of the keyboard is very good for it’s price. IMHO the stabilizers on this thing is far better compared to let’s say my CM Masterkeys Pro S. I have a video about the sound of the stabilizers in my youtube channel if you would like to check the sound.

Keycool 87 Cherry MX Reds + Carbon SA

Recently decided to take out the keycool out of storage room retirement.

It has cherry mx reds and this board always reminds me how I wanted my keyboard to sound when I was just starting. Too bad the switch is too soft for me and it does not help that it is linear and feels dull when I am typing.

Not sure if the photos in the album above show justice for how this combination looks. Most of the time, people how have SA Carbon use the keycaps with a dark colored board and I have not seen anyone use the keycap set on a light colored board.

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA Carbon

Not sure if this works well but I think the color of the board matches the carbon or I might be wrong. I am thinking of repainting my board but still lazy right now considering I only want to change it because of the Carbon SA keycaps that I have while all the other keycap sets that I have matches the color on it right now. Any how if you are reading this you might want to give me suggestions about the color for the board to match the set. Thanks

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Carbon

The pok3r really feels good when used with SA profile keycaps. The MX Browns maybe scratchier reds but I really like that feels. Below are some shots with the pok3r using my Carbon SA keycaps