SA Penumbra + Sa PuLse

What happens when you combine SA Penumbra and SA PuLse. There is my take. The board I used is a Varmilo VA87M using the original blue plastic case.

There are 2 combinations SA Pulse alphas + SA Solarized modifiers and SA Solarized alphas + SA Pulse modifiers. I guess it turned pretty ok. Some people love it and some people hate it when I posted photos on reddit

Please take note that I did this the fastest way I can….. sooo some keys might not be in the correct location as they should.

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro PuLse

1 day after my CM Masterkeys Pro S got delivered I decided to install my PuLse SA keycaps on them. I don’t normally use the stock/oem keycaps that come with my keebs, I just try them out for a day or two after receiving the keyboard and put nice keysets on the board after that.

I think the set looks good on the keyboard. Only issue I have with the keyboard is the stabilizers, they SUCK!

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA PuLse

Another keyboard album this time my SA PuLse keycaps on my pok3r rb keyboard. Really nice to type on mx browns using SA profile. Not too many people like the feel but I like it and it matches the scratchy MX Browns, this switch is just the way I like it

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA PuLse

I cycle thru my keycap collection from time to time. Last week I had this keeb for the rest of the week. Sharing how PuLse SA looked like on my custom painted board.

Obins Anne Pro 60 + SA Cyan? (Keysets Combined)

Got bored a few weeks ago and combined 2 SA keysets on my Anne Pro.. I had SA Nantucket alphas and SA PuLse modifiers… I call it SA Cyan.. Thoughts? Leave a comment :)