Obins Anne Pro 60 Lighting Modes

I have been looking for a TKL board with Gateron or Cherry MX Red switches (used) for quite sometime now and have not had the luck. Either the board being sold is too used with out of this planet prices or the board being sold is something that I do not like. I was online the other day checking whats up for sale on a few Facebook groups I was a member of. I found one guy selling his Anne Pro 60 60% mechanical keyboard with Gateron red switches.

So I did what normal people would do, look up reviews about the board online. I know about the keyboard for quite sometime now but I have never really looked it up because I was never really interested with 60% keyboards since I need the function row and the arrow keys for work. I found a lot of good reviews about the keyboard and also some good sounding switch test. It got my attention since I can program the keyboard settings via a mobile app. Programming the keys and also the colors since this is a full RGB keyboard.

A bonus feature that got me was that it can be used as a wireless keyboard via bluetooth and if your computer does not have a built-in bluetooth Obin’s was nice enough to include a bluetooth usb dongle (sweet)

I contact the guys and we met near his location, actually we have to get the keyboard from his house. I got the keyboard in a, you could say not so clean condition. The guy who sold it to me does not clean his stuff If you ask me. So when I got home the first order of business was to test out the keyboard functionality which would be: rgb lights, usb connection, function keys, bluetooth connection and also the app connection. Everything checked out fine. I did not bother taking photos of the keyboard with the stock keycaps since they were dirty. I took off all the caps and soaked them in a bowl with warm water (take not warm not hot) with alcohol to disinfect the key caps. I cleaned up the pcb with a paint brush and used foam and water to clean up the rest of the case. After soaking the stock keycaps in water with alcohol, I then proceed with washing them with soap (dish washing soap) and rinse them. They are no clean and happy drying in our dining table.

I would say the gateron reds are really light maybe because I got used to my mx black and greens. This keyboard is very nice to type on no stress or anything and I like the sound of the keyboard when the keys bottom out. I would say for the price I paid for it used is money well spent with all the features I get. I intend to use this for office use and have configured the FN key to be on the left side since most of the special functions are on the right side of the keyboard (pg up, pg dn, del, insert, prnt scrn etc)

I only took photos of the lighting mode on this keyboard hope it gives you an idea of “some” of the lighting modes since I was not able to capture any videos for the lighting modes that are moving.