Sound Test: CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Cherry MX Blacks

Before anything please remember that this is raw video/audio I did not edit anything and I just used my iphone 6 to take this video so it might not sound professional for everyone.

The thumbnail is the keyboard I used for this video

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Cherry MX Black switches sound test. Take note the keyboard is 5 years old and the switches have gone from stiff to stiffer now maybe due to the age.

I am using thick pbt keycaps I bought from Taobao

Mechanical Black Clacker... Fingerasm 1

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid (none-backlit) Cherry MX Black switches

Photo above shows my daily warrior for work and home use. It has gone throught a lot but still working as good as the first time I bought it. The keyboard is probably almost 3 years odl already and the body of the thing is showing up the scars from the daily abuse. Normally what I would do is sell the thing off and get a new one. I can’t let this go for some reason.

Lately I have been shopping for a cheap rgb keyboard and I bought one cheap chinese brand from a local seller from where I am. Quality seems ok. I will some details about it in a bit.

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During the process of looking for a new keyboard, I found some affordable keycaps (let’s face it, and even Massdrop keycaps ain’t really the cheapest ones you can find). I found a few tidbits in TaoBao and has asked a middleman service to order them for me. Hopefully I can get them in the next couple fo weeks.

I am not sure if I ordered caps for none-backlit keyboard (this CM Storm TKL) only or if its for backlit keyboards I ain’t chinese. It was advertised as PBT which should be somewhat a bit better than regular ABS keycaps that come with most keyboards being sold in the market. I ordered couple of color sets and a RGB set for my modifiers.

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I plan to give new life to my old CM Storm once the keycaps arrive. I am still deciding if I will sticker bomb the cover or paint it all out completely with a certain shade of color. I might do the latter. I still need to figure out how to open this thing up though since it is still a virgin and I have not tried opening it up yet. This will give me time to completely clean up the whole thing from the inside and hopefully if I can learn how to do it is to lube the switches (Cherry MX blacks ain’t really the softest of the switches)

Now I am really excited on getting those keycaps. Hopefully they arrive soon.