Sound Test: TX-CP Vintage Brown 64g springs SA Godspeed

The switches have really been broken it after using the keyboard for 2 months as my main home board. I have since then switched to SA Godspeed keycaps.

I really like how it sounds now. The sound sculptured SA profile produces is really to my liking, probably one of the reason why I want to use the profile so much.

Sound Test: TX-CP Vintage Brown 64g springs Modern Beige PBT

I used my Oco Modern Beige Purple Hangul as my first keyset of choice for my TX-CP. The sound before I believe is still different from how it sounds now since the springs and switches have since broken in. But just to give you guys an idea on how it sounds like on newly built Vintage cherry mx brown with 64g korean springs.

The keyboard is still kinda quite so you may have to turn up the volume for this one

TX-CP My first Korean Custom Keyboard

I’ve had this keyboard kit for quite sometime now but did not know what switches to use on them hence I never really built it and kept it until I figure out which switches to use. That I think is one of the reasons why I bought different kind of keyboards to try and get the feel of which switch I actually like. I tried several type of switches which included an 80g R3 Zealios. In the process I found out that I really like Cherry MX Browns even when it was compared to Gateron Browns. For me Gateron Browns were really too soft and too smooth. I wanted the scratchiness of the MX Brown switches but I had problem with both cherry and gateron, both of them feel too soft for me. I tried 80g springs and they were fucking too hard to even be able to use.

I did like my old Cherry MX Blacks and Greens but I had problems with them. The Greens were really hard to press and I do not like clicky switches. The blacks were perfectly fine for me but it didn’t have a subtle bump. You see most people complain about the Cherry MX Brown because they cannot really feel the bump, but not all people like the cherry mx clear or zealios bump. I think everyone has their taste for food and same goes for fingers and keyboards. For me I didn’t want linear but I didn’t want a very large bump hence I always liked browns and their subtle bump which I feel is just enough for me. That is when I had the idea to create basically a Cherry MX Black switch with a bump. I was able to acquire some vintage browns from Korea and some 64g Springs. After building the switches they were the perfect switches for me. Spring resistance is just enough and the spring enhanced the brown switch bump to a certain degree.

I finally had the switches I liked to put on my TX-CP. Finally I was able to build the keyboard I always wanted with the springs I was looking for. For me this layout is just about right for home and office use. I like using the numpad for work and if I am doing some calculator stuff. I always wanted a dedicated F-Row for work as well. The size is just about right a tad bigger than a TKL but smaller than a full size keyboard. The lubed vintage browns with 64g springs seems to be the switch resistance that I have been looking for.

This keyboard has just made my KBD75 look like paper in terms of overall weight. I mean the bottom of the case is even heavier than my KBD75

Hope you like my build and here are the specs

  • TX-CP
  • Leeku L3 Compact v1.3 PCB with RGB underglow
  • Titanium Grey Top
  • Silver Bottom
  • Stainless Steel bottom weight
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Vintage Cherry MX Browns lubed with gap films
  • Cherry MX Clear for the function key
  • Cherry MX Silver with 64g springs for the space bar
  • 64g Springs from Korea
  • Original Cherry screw-in pcb mounted stabilizer clipped and lubed
  • Modern Beige Purple Hangul (I plan to use my SA Godspeed set with this until I burn in the switches for a few weeks)
  • Skull artisan from /u/vanexe from reddit
  • White LED leds

KBD75 + DSA Granites

My old KBD75 when it was still using DSA Granite with Elven Tongue alphas.

The keyboard was purchased from kbdfans. I have a post about it before and a few sound test videos on different keycap sets.

The Elven Tongue was really nice and quite hard to find since Signature Plastics isn’t manufacturing them anymore.

KBD75 - My First Custom

Just got back to fixing the website after a lot of things happened in real life. Something happened with the previous database and I was not able to retrieve all of the posts so technically this is a repost.

Back in May I was able to acquire a kbd75 kit from kbdfans the first to offer affordable customs to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts like me. The album above shows the built product after soldering all the switches.

My first official custom keyboard. This is made in China and I can say the build quality is up to par for what I paid for. I have been wanting my own 75% keyboard for a while now. I feel like this layout is the best of the following: full layout, TKL and 60% since the size is not as small as the my previous poker but not as big as my previous TKL’s and I have the necessary modifier cluster for the common keys I use like del, home, page up and page down.

What’s good:

  • Weight. This thing can be used to kill someone
  • Undergrow.
  • Backlit (althought I did not opt to install leds since keycaps I use is not for backlit)
  • Easy to program using bootmapper client
  • Macro functionality which is very useful for my job
  • Aluminum with custom annodized color

What’s bad:

  • Underglow is not as bright as you might expect. It is subtle and can’t really be used to show off
  • The chinese copy cherry stabilizers that came wth my kit is trash. I would highly advised to lube the fuck out of the stabilizers before you intall the full kit. (I will post a video on this later)