Doubleshot PBT in Carbon Colors

Yep you heard the title right. It seems like China is upping their keycap game with this new achievement.

For the most part of my mechanical keyboard life, many have asked and have wondered if it was possible to produce doubleshot PBT keycaps. 1 for one like the feel of PBT dyesubbed keycaps because of its thickness and also I like how it feels when I put my fingers on it.

Many (including signature plastics) have said that it was very hard to produce doubleshot PBT keycaps resulting to multiple dye subbed keycap sets. A chinese manufacturer may prove them wrong this time with these set. I believe it is the first one in cherry profile too.

Price is also much more affordable compared to GMK or SP doubleshot abs keycaps.

What happens next remains to be seen. Kprepublic the online seller from aliexpress has stated that this is not the first colorway that they intend to produce. Hopefully they produce support for other layouts like 75%, 1800 and ergodox. I still believe once they produce keycaps for the unusual layouts their customer base will grow exponentially.