Plex + Playstation 4 + Malaysia = Fail

I normally use my desktop tower to watch my HD movies on my TV. A few weeks back I decided to move my desktop to my desk and use it like a regular desktop with a regular monitor since I was having a hard time using it as a normal computer with this 40” LCD TV in front of me and it makes my eyes hurt.

Before I moved the desktop I already knew that I will be having issues watching my movies on my tv. I do not have any long ass HDMI cable to connect the tower to my tv and besides I do not want a long ass cable going across the room just for this.

I know I have options:

  • Buy a low power cpu or maybe a raspberry pi 3 for that purpose and use plex of some sort
  • Buy a NAS drive and have it connected to my network
  • Use my Playstation 4 which is connected to my network to stream movies from my desktop when I want to via plex

I chose the latter not knowing that everything will suck. So I went on a google spree to get information on how to make this work. I read a lot of people having success with this setup and so I thought I will have the same result. I researched for hours only to find out that the plex app for PS4 is not available from the playstation 4 in Malaysia (well that sucks)

Ok now I have another bright idea, why won’t I just access my local plex media server via the playstation 4 browser…… (that sucks some more) as it turns out plex media server browsing is not support by the playstation 4 built-in browser (GOD DAMN IT!!!!)

Now I will need to think of something to make this work with the hardware that I already have. I do not want to spend anything just to make this possible. If you guys have any idea please share in the comments section below. Thanks