Fuhlen Mechanical Keyboard...RGB + Cheap = Win

At the beginning of this month I was shopping around for replacement keycaps for my CM Store Quickfire Rapid . I really wanted to try a different kind of mechanical keyboard switch and at the same time have some RGB colors on it. With the lack of funds at the moment I opted for a cheap Chinese brand keyboard.

There are a lot of mechanical keyboards on sale in TaoBao. You can even see the brands being sold from Massdrop. I normally use TKL keyboards and there not much to choose from in this category atleast during the time when I was buying mine. What I did was get the brand and tried to find a review of some sort on youtube You will be surprised how many people use cheap mechanical keyboards nowadays. Probably one of the reason is because Cherry lost their patent on their mechanical switches and that means party time for Chinese copycats. As of this writing I believe there are a few mechanical switches available from China: Kailh, Gateron, Otemu are among the famous one’s.

I did find a lot and at the end I settled for this Fühlen SM680R TKL Full RGB keyboard. It comes with Kailh Blue switches which from what I gather are copies of Cherry MX blues. It is full RGB with 9 RGB modes (oh yes). The package is shown below when opened. It only comes with a red keycap remover and a manual which is in Chinese so I have no use for it.

It’s almost as heavy as my non rgb CM storm. The button feels good and are very clicky clacky clack clack. The keycaps as expected is no up to par with most of the known brands but for the price I cannot really complain. I just feel that it is somewhat soft when pressed, maybe because I got used to my Cherry MX black switches. Typing on this keyboard is really a nice experience the clicks are pronounced. It is a whole new experience for me coming from black cherry mx switches. I now understand why people like blue switches.

The usb cable is not detachable which is ok but it is braded with one end of the velco cable unremovable. Which is nice if you like to keep your cables organized and you don’t have to worry about losing it

The only gripe I have with this keyboard is legends not sure what they wanted to achieve from it but it does not look like its more for gaming but then again like I said previously I can’t really complain because of the price.

The mode I use the most is the mode where you set the specific color you want to use for each key. It is quick nice if you play in the dark. I do not really use the moving lights modes as I am afraid it might cause the LED’s life to deteriorate.

All in all I am happy with the purchase. I was supposed to use my CM Storm Quickfire for office and keep the Fuhlen keyboard for home use. I ended up doing it the other way around since it was much more nicer to type on blue switches plus I can show off at the office and annoy people with the clicky clack clack clack click sound.

I do not know how long the keyboard will last before something breaks but definitely I will have it posted here when it breaks down. The local seller did give me lifetime warranty on the switches so that is all good.

Album with all the keyboard photos below

Fuhlen SM680R RGB Mechanical Keyboard