Poker 3 + Tex Case + GMK Carbon

This trio combination really looks good to me. I used this for a week at the office and everyone was asking me about the keyboard, unfortunately when I informed them how much the whole thing cost, no one became interested anymore. Takl about LOL!

Obins Anne Pro GMK Carbon

I just had to do it. I did not use the stock keycaps that came with the keyboard and installed put in a set of my GMK Carbons. For some reason or another this GMK set seems to match every keyboard that I own. I am happy with the results on how it looks like now. Hope you enjoy it!

Quickfire Stealth with GMK Carbon

Hmmmm I am not sure about this combination. I transferred the GMK Carbon TKL set to my Quickfire Stealth with green switches and for some reason I am having a hard time typing fast with good accuracy. I can type fast but I observed that I would need to hit the backspace key more often than I should.

I think I am not for this Cherry profile and clicky switches combination. I did not have this issue when I had the set on my QFR with cherry mx blacks. I moved over the Taihao yellow/blue keycaps to my QFR and another strange thing is I am liking it and I like typing on that thing more than the greens with GMK.

I think I just realized something, I think I am more of a linear type of guy. I noticed during the time I went to buy my Taihao keycaps from a local gaming store they had the IKBC F87 RGB with cherry mx switches on display and I was able to try it out and man was it good. I like typing on that thing soft and the lights. I think I should get a board with Cherry MX Reds.

On a side note I am really getting addicted to this keycaps game and been surfing a lot for available rare keycaps… I just hope I did not dig a hole I cannot get out of but looking at the bright side if you get the keycaps they become more rare and valuable plus the value does not really go down but really goes up not unless ofcourse they manufacture the same color way again but I do not think they will in the near future. I heard SP, GMK or other manufacturer have been all booked probably until December of 2017 so who knows.

CM Quickfire Rapid + GMK Carbon Keycaps

I decided to install the GMK Carbon keycaps on my QFR board (the one I repainted a few months back).

For some reason the mods or dark colored caps show up as black in the photos but believe me they are really dark grey with orange legends. And I think orange, grey, blue go together.

The caps did considerably lessen the noise for my MX Blacks (well they were not really noisy to begin with) but because this are thick ABS the sound level actually went down compared to ABS keycaps. I posted a video (check my previous post) on how this board sounds like with OEM QFS ABS keycaps.

All in all I am happy with the puchase

Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid GMK Carbon

GMK Carbons Keycaps

My GMK Carbon Keyset has arrived. Thanks to the guy I bought it from and I am surprised shipping was on point on this one considering we used regular post from USPS to Poslaju Malaysia and they delivered on a Saturday!! That is something new.

Hope you like the photos below. Hi resolution photos should be in my imgur album

GMK Carbon