KBD75 + JTK PoW (Purple on White) Debut

I’ve had this JTK Purple on white for quite sometime now and only last week I have decided to slap in on my KBD75. Since I sold most of my keyboards and I only have the KBD75 to play with, I guess it was time to run the set with the custom keyboard that I have. It looks ok to me but some people might find the color combination odd or colors might not match.

If you check my website or even my youtube channel you will find the sound of this keyset and the DSA’s almost sound the same. Considering these are doubleshot ABS and waaaay more thicker than the DSA’s, I thought that they should have sounded quieter. But anyway I hope you enjoy the album below.

Sound Test: KBD75 JTK Debut (PoW) Typing Test

So I installed my old JTK Debut on my KBD75 with gateron browns. And as the usual me, I did a typing sound test. I am really used to high profile keycaps (OEM profile and above) so please don’t mind the slow typing speed as I am still getting used to cherry profile. I have used cherry profile before but I feel like that they are too low and I am having a hard time typing as fast as I type on SA profile keycaps.

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

Here is the album for my KBD75 using DSA Dolch by signature plastics.

I think the keyset colors matches the blue board but for some it might look weird. DSA Dolch was one of the DSA sets that I own unfortunately, I do not like the DSA profile because it is too low for me. I think I got used to SA profile and I prefer OEM or higher profile caps.

Unfortunately I do not have any typing videos of this keyboard and I have sold the DSA Dolch set.

KBD75 Lubed Stabilizers

As with my previous post.. I was complaining about the rattly stabilizers.. So I decided to do something about it and lubed the fuck out of the cherry stabilizer copies that came with my kit.

The results may not be perfect but it is definitely much better than the un-lubed stabs. See the video and let me know if you have questions or suggestions

KBD75 - My First Custom

Just got back to fixing the website after a lot of things happened in real life. Something happened with the previous database and I was not able to retrieve all of the posts so technically this is a repost.

Back in May I was able to acquire a kbd75 kit from kbdfans the first to offer affordable customs to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts like me. The album above shows the built product after soldering all the switches.

My first official custom keyboard. This is made in China and I can say the build quality is up to par for what I paid for. I have been wanting my own 75% keyboard for a while now. I feel like this layout is the best of the following: full layout, TKL and 60% since the size is not as small as the my previous poker but not as big as my previous TKL’s and I have the necessary modifier cluster for the common keys I use like del, home, page up and page down.

What’s good:

  • Weight. This thing can be used to kill someone
  • Undergrow.
  • Backlit (althought I did not opt to install leds since keycaps I use is not for backlit)
  • Easy to program using bootmapper client
  • Macro functionality which is very useful for my job
  • Aluminum with custom annodized color

What’s bad:

  • Underglow is not as bright as you might expect. It is subtle and can’t really be used to show off
  • The chinese copy cherry stabilizers that came wth my kit is trash. I would highly advised to lube the fuck out of the stabilizers before you intall the full kit. (I will post a video on this later)