Varmilo Sword68 (VA68M-V3) + MT3 Godspeed

Since I am retiring my Leopold FC660M and I have it posted on most selling portals. I have decided to switch the keycaps on the VA68M-V3. I think it looks good since the contrast of the keycaps is on the other side of the spectrum. It makes the keycaps popout because the case is all black. It actually feels good typing on these keycaps on an all aluminum case with an aluminum plate. The sound is not as loud as SA and is a bit muffled but I am liking it so far.

If you notice in my typing videos, I have now decided to do it in 2 parts. one with the stand off feet closed and one with the feet opened up. You will actually notice a sound difference. I almost always like the sound with the stand off feet closed for full aluminum boards and I normally like the feet opened up when I am using normal plastic cases. Not sure why but I am weird I guess?

Anyway hope you enjoy the photos below.

Leopold FC660M PD + MT3 Godspeed

I have recently acquired MT3 Godspeed. Been out of the keyboard game since late 2018 and been doing other things. I think I just got bored with the stock FC660M which I have been using since Jan 2019 and wanted it to look different.

I’ve always wanted to try MT3 since /dev/tty came out but just didn’t have the money and the urge to buy it. This time around a MT3 Godspeed set came out in the 2nd hand market locally. I bought it ofcourse like other mechanical keyboard things a bit expensive or much expensive than the group buy. One good thing about this keycap set is it had support for the unusually sized right shift key for the FC660M, which is 2.25u or the same size as the left shift key (normal keyboards have 2.75u right shift key)

I think it looks very very nice on this keyboard because it matches the color of the case. All in all I am happy how it turned out. The keycap set still has issue but that would be on another separte post about the keycaps

MT3 Godspeed

Recently I got board with my Leopold FC660M and wanted to give it a makeover. I searched around locally if anyone was selling any interesting keycaps. I did find a few gmk’s, SA’s but what caught my eye was this MT3 Godspeed set.

I have always wanted to try the MT3 profile ever since the first MT3 Set came out which was the /dev/tty but unfortunately I didn’t have the urge that time because I was kinda retired from the keyboard game. The profile is a bit lower than SA but is still very high compared to oem or cherry profile.

I must say it only took me a few minutes to get used to the profile since I was used to using SA profile keycaps. It was a pleasure using the keycaps for typing but I wouldn’t say the same when using it for gaming. It will take a little getting used to. I did mount the spacebar the other way around as I am used to have my spacebar mounted that way even if I am using cherry or oem profile.

The colors are nice and it compliments the color of the case. I wouldn’t say it is perfect, in fact it still has flaws specially with the legends. The legends are somewhat inconsistent and off centered. Another concern I have is that the stems are a bit too tight when installing the keycaps. Aside from that I love this keycap set and I might be using it for a bit of time.

Photos below. I basically have: Solar Alphas, Apollo Mods and Spilt Spacebars