Sayonara Tarantula

My tarantulas need to go. I need to free up space in my room since I am sharing it with my girlfriend. Another factor is its pretty hard to find food for them, at least where I live.

Tarantulas are really not hard to take care of and their up keep is really cheap. Initial cost might be high for the terrarium and cocopeat and stuff but there are cheaper plastic alternatives you can use.

Once they are inside their terrariums, all you need to make sure is they have water in the water dish and feed them. They do not really eat too much since they do not move a lot their metabolism is quite slow. Tarantulas are also known to go on for days without food. Perfect example is my Grammostola Rosea which only eats once a month. If you check in google, this is not an unusual behavior for these species.

The only issue I have with their food is that meal worms, crickets, roaches is really hard to find from where I am at. I of course do not want to take care of a colony since I live in a condominium (imagine having a colony of crickets in your condominium balcony, I am pretty sure every neighbor that you have will go and complain to the building admin). When I do get the time to buy crickets or meal worm, the rest of them just die before I feed my T’s again since they do not really eat everyday and I only have 3 of them.

Well I hope I can find someone to adopt them and take care of them. The G. Rosea I will miss the most since she is pretty docile and she is the only one I can really handle without having to be afraid that she might be me.

Below are photos of my T’s

Brachypelma Smithi a.k.a Mexican Red Knee

Grammostola Rosea a.k.a. Chilean Rose

Phormictopus cancerides a.k.a. Haitian Brown