Been A While

It’s been a while since I last posted…. Well been very busy with real life and a few things came up, far more important things I needed to a attend to (i.e. business)

Since the last updates with keycool and my SA profile keycaps. I have long since sold most of my SA keysets with the exception of Carbon SA. Well I tried to sell it but someone backed out and I told myself I’d rather keep it seeing how the prices are going down because of Carbon SA Round 2 coming up. I might as well keep my set and buy the extra kits that I need to make it compatible with all keyboard layouts.

I have also been getting a few DSA keycaps sets and found out that I do have an unused DSA Granite Elven Kit in my stock room that I have totally forgot about. So I might be testing out this profile with my new KBD75 build since the I feel the SA profile does not feel really that well with the board and also my SA Carbon does not have all the correct keycaps to fill up the board correctly.

I will be posting multiple updates today about whats happening with my keyboard scene.