CM Storm Quickfire Stealth with SA Nantucket Selectric

After running the SA Nantucket Selectric on my mx blacks it was time to test them out on my QF Stealth MX Greens. I swapped out all the keys and again had to choose how to setup the add-ons I wanted. Just like with the mx blacks, the SA profile made my QFS mx greens softer to type on. The only one gripe I have right now is the sound of the space bar. Since the SA profile is higher the spacebar is more domier (if ever there is a word) and this causes a pinging/doming sound whenever I hit on it.

I can’t complain since the spacebar sound adds character to the key pressed and I am not annoyed by it. I know some people will get annoyed by it and complain but I don’t care I like the sound of it.

I tested 10fastfingers with this Nantuckets and I improved to by 4-6 words per minute on both my mx blacks and mx greens. I am really starting to think of giving up my GMK cherry profile sets for SA profiles since they really feel nice for typing. I am just concerned about the pricing for the SA profiles going up.

Quickfire Stealth with GMK Carbon

Hmmmm I am not sure about this combination. I transferred the GMK Carbon TKL set to my Quickfire Stealth with green switches and for some reason I am having a hard time typing fast with good accuracy. I can type fast but I observed that I would need to hit the backspace key more often than I should.

I think I am not for this Cherry profile and clicky switches combination. I did not have this issue when I had the set on my QFR with cherry mx blacks. I moved over the Taihao yellow/blue keycaps to my QFR and another strange thing is I am liking it and I like typing on that thing more than the greens with GMK.

I think I just realized something, I think I am more of a linear type of guy. I noticed during the time I went to buy my Taihao keycaps from a local gaming store they had the IKBC F87 RGB with cherry mx switches on display and I was able to try it out and man was it good. I like typing on that thing soft and the lights. I think I should get a board with Cherry MX Reds.

On a side note I am really getting addicted to this keycaps game and been surfing a lot for available rare keycaps… I just hope I did not dig a hole I cannot get out of but looking at the bright side if you get the keycaps they become more rare and valuable plus the value does not really go down but really goes up not unless ofcourse they manufacture the same color way again but I do not think they will in the near future. I heard SP, GMK or other manufacturer have been all booked probably until December of 2017 so who knows.

Sound Test: CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Cherry MX Greens

Before anything please remember that this is raw video/audio I did not edit anything and I just used my iphone 6 to take this video so it might not sound professional for everyone.

The thumbnail is the keyboard I used for this video

CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Cherry MX Green switches sound test. The keys do sound louder than the blues. It is definitely stiffer than the blues but it feels just about right not too soft not too hard. My Cherry MX Blacks in another video is stiffer than this so don’t get fooled by paper specifications you see online

I am using thick pbt keycaps.

Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth Cherry MX Green

I was able to get myself the Cherry MX Green switches.. It is very hard to find around my area and to get one at a bargain price is really something uncommon.

Definitely the sound louder than the blues. My expectations about the resistance of the switches was correct it’s a tad bit harder than the blues but not really as stiff as the blacks. I just feels alright. I was able to test drive the board at work the whole day today and it feels great.

I had to move my side printed pbt’s to it and it looks just as nice. Stoked!!!

Full Album below

Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth Cherry MX Green