What's left of my SA Profile keycaps

With the release of SA Penumbra round 2.. I realized I only have 2 SA keysets left. I did not buy into the Dasher/Dancer set, 1965 set and now I might not be buying into the Penumbra set as well.. Well I am not really a group buy kinda guy since I do not really have the patience to wait for the caps to arrive. I rather buy from the 2nd hand market if I want anything that way I get the keycaps waaaay faster than group buy ofcourse I have to pay some premium for it.

I only have 2 sets left PuLse SA and Carbon SA and I will not be selling these sets anytime soon.. When I started the hobby these sets were still in they IC stages and these were the 2 sets that got me hooked in to this mechanical keyboard thing.

SA PuLse

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SA Carbon

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