TX-CP with SA Godspeed

I’ve decided to use my SA Godspeed set with my TX-CP.

Some people might not like the combination but I think it looks good. The keycaps goes well with the color of the case. The sound is just so different compared to my modern beige thick pbt’s.

So far this thing looks and feels really well and I’ve had compliments from work even from a different departments manager.

KBD75 + DSA Granites

My old KBD75 when it was still using DSA Granite with Elven Tongue alphas.

The keyboard was purchased from kbdfans. I have a post about it before and a few sound test videos on different keycap sets.

The Elven Tongue was really nice and quite hard to find since Signature Plastics isn’t manufacturing them anymore.

KBD75 + DSA Dolch

Here is the album for my KBD75 using DSA Dolch by signature plastics.

I think the keyset colors matches the blue board but for some it might look weird. DSA Dolch was one of the DSA sets that I own unfortunately, I do not like the DSA profile because it is too low for me. I think I got used to SA profile and I prefer OEM or higher profile caps.

Unfortunately I do not have any typing videos of this keyboard and I have sold the DSA Dolch set.

Varmilo VA87M + SA Industrial

Of all the key caps I have tested and used with the VA87M, I feel the SA Industrial is the best keys in terms of feel with the keyboard. This is an old setup and I have long sold both the keyboard and the key set.

This Varmilo VA87M was using an aluminum case off taobao and I really felt the difference between aluminum and the original plastic case. The sound was more pronounced and solid and not hollow like when I was using the plastic case with it.

The board also came with Cherry MX Brown switches with felt really great with the SA industrial set.

DSA Granite

In between May and July I decide to sell my DSA key caps since I found out that DSA is not really for me. I like the design no doubt about it but I really like/love higher profile key caps.

Too bad I really wanted to keep and use the DSA Granite Elven Tongue caps but unfortunately the profile is not for me. I eventually sold them to someone in the Philippines and he decided he wanted all the kits.

Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

For me my SA Carbon looked best when I had it paired with my Varmilo VA87M.

One problem though is that SA profile does not really look that good when used with keyboards that has floating keycaps design (at least from my opinion).

This specific Varmilo VA87M comes with an aluminum case from taobao and it makes the whole board very hefty and solid. This also causes typing sound to change compared to using the original plastic case.

Ganss GK87 Pro + SA Carbon

The Ganss GK87 Pro is one of those keyboards you can buy that comes with good RGB underglow.

When I say RGB, I mean RGB. RGB whores will definitely be in love with the glow of this thing. The underglow also comes with several lighting modes which is quite nice.

The board feels solid and really feels premium. If there is one complaint I have with this board, it would be the non detachable usb cable. I like my usb cables detachable since I normally bring my keyboards to work or some place where I need to do some typing stuff.

The feel of the keyboard is very good for it’s price. IMHO the stabilizers on this thing is far better compared to let’s say my CM Masterkeys Pro S. I have a video about the sound of the stabilizers in my youtube channel if you would like to check the sound.

Keycool 87 + 1976 SA

Old school colors were also my kind of thing from time to time.

Not sure why but in the niche mechanical keyboard world most old school color themes use a/the year for a name.. You got this 1976, 1965, 1983. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with a black and white theme and name it 1911 or 1912.

Keycool 87 + Danger Zone SA

I’ve decided to use my Danger Zone SA with the keycool and I like how it sounds when combined with the keyboard. Ofcourse there will be sound difference depending on the keyboard and keycap combination.

I have posted a typing sound test video for this combination here

Keycool 87 Cherry MX Reds + Carbon SA

Recently decided to take out the keycool out of storage room retirement.

It has cherry mx reds and this board always reminds me how I wanted my keyboard to sound when I was just starting. Too bad the switch is too soft for me and it does not help that it is linear and feels dull when I am typing.

Not sure if the photos in the album above show justice for how this combination looks. Most of the time, people how have SA Carbon use the keycaps with a dark colored board and I have not seen anyone use the keycap set on a light colored board.

SA Industrial

Recently I was able to acquire my first PBT SA profile key set. It is in uniform R3. I believe this came before SA Ice Caps. This is PBT from Signature Plastics.

Unlike most of the SA key sets that I had, this one is quite unique. It does not come with any shine and its matte finish. Really nice to type on these and I am quite liking it. If its true PBT, I believe this should not produce any shine for a very long time.

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro PuLse

1 day after my CM Masterkeys Pro S got delivered I decided to install my PuLse SA keycaps on them. I don’t normally use the stock/oem keycaps that come with my keebs, I just try them out for a day or two after receiving the keyboard and put nice keysets on the board after that.

I think the set looks good on the keyboard. Only issue I have with the keyboard is the stabilizers, they SUCK!

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA Carbon

Not sure if this works well but I think the color of the board matches the carbon or I might be wrong. I am thinking of repainting my board but still lazy right now considering I only want to change it because of the Carbon SA keycaps that I have while all the other keycap sets that I have matches the color on it right now. Any how if you are reading this you might want to give me suggestions about the color for the board to match the set. Thanks

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA PuLse

Another keyboard album this time my SA PuLse keycaps on my pok3r rb keyboard. Really nice to type on mx browns using SA profile. Not too many people like the feel but I like it and it matches the scratchy MX Browns, this switch is just the way I like it

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Carbon

The pok3r really feels good when used with SA profile keycaps. The MX Browns maybe scratchier reds but I really like that feels. Below are some shots with the pok3r using my Carbon SA keycaps

Poker 3 + Tex Case + GMK Carbon

This trio combination really looks good to me. I used this for a week at the office and everyone was asking me about the keyboard, unfortunately when I informed them how much the whole thing cost, no one became interested anymore. Takl about LOL!

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA PuLse

I cycle thru my keycap collection from time to time. Last week I had this keeb for the rest of the week. Sharing how PuLse SA looked like on my custom painted board.

What's left of my SA Profile keycaps

With the release of SA Penumbra round 2.. I realized I only have 2 SA keysets left. I did not buy into the Dasher/Dancer set, 1965 set and now I might not be buying into the Penumbra set as well.. Well I am not really a group buy kinda guy since I do not really have the patience to wait for the caps to arrive. I rather buy from the 2nd hand market if I want anything that way I get the keycaps waaaay faster than group buy ofcourse I have to pay some premium for it.

I only have 2 sets left PuLse SA and Carbon SA and I will not be selling these sets anytime soon.. When I started the hobby these sets were still in they IC stages and these were the 2 sets that got me hooked in to this mechanical keyboard thing.

SA PuLse

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SA Carbon

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Obins Anne Pro 60 + SA Cyan? (Keysets Combined)

Got bored a few weeks ago and combined 2 SA keysets on my Anne Pro.. I had SA Nantucket alphas and SA PuLse modifiers… I call it SA Cyan.. Thoughts? Leave a comment :)

Obins Anne Pro 60 + SA Nantucket Selectric

This is just the combination I came up with when I tried the SA Nantuckets on my Anne Pro.. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Hope you guys like it

CM Storm Quickfire Stealth with SA Nantucket Selectric

After running the SA Nantucket Selectric on my mx blacks it was time to test them out on my QF Stealth MX Greens. I swapped out all the keys and again had to choose how to setup the add-ons I wanted. Just like with the mx blacks, the SA profile made my QFS mx greens softer to type on. The only one gripe I have right now is the sound of the space bar. Since the SA profile is higher the spacebar is more domier (if ever there is a word) and this causes a pinging/doming sound whenever I hit on it.

I can’t complain since the spacebar sound adds character to the key pressed and I am not annoyed by it. I know some people will get annoyed by it and complain but I don’t care I like the sound of it.

I tested 10fastfingers with this Nantuckets and I improved to by 4-6 words per minute on both my mx blacks and mx greens. I am really starting to think of giving up my GMK cherry profile sets for SA profiles since they really feel nice for typing. I am just concerned about the pricing for the SA profiles going up.

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on SA Nantucket Selectrics

Whenever I have new keysets that arrive. I always test them out first on my old buy reliable 5 year old QFR. I’de like to test it out with my MX Blacks since I primarily use this keyboard for work.

All I have to say is that they made my stiff black switches softer. Even my office colleague who have type on this keyboard had the same opinion. He never really like cherry mx black because it was too stiff for him but he said with the SA profile keycaps, he can probably get used to it. Not sue why but maybe because of the higher profile which means a bit less travel to press the keys and also it makes pressing the keys very satisfying.

I had 2 sets of add-on or some sort of novelties when I ordered my set it was really a struggle for me to choose which setup I would like to use and most of the time the problem is that you would want to use all the keys as much as possible.

Check out the album below and maybe let me know what you guys think?

SA Nantucket Selectric

After getting shipped to the Philippines, my keyset has finally arrived and just at the right time before Christmas. Apparently my mistake when I placed the order, I was informed by Zack from Clueboard that I may have chosen the Philippines when I paid for my order. Shipping should have just taken 2 weeks max but it took almost a month before I got it. It could have taken longer if the keyset was shipped back to the US from the Philippines. Not really sure how Zack did it be he said he opened up a ticket with USPS (maybe they contacted the local post office in the Philippines to have it shipped to Malaysia)

I am really starting to love this SA profile.. It is now installed in my CM Quickfire Rapid with MX Blacks and the switches now feel much better and is softer compare to using cherry or oem profile. Maybe the added size and weight of the caps does help. I will be making another post with photos of the keys installed on the keyboard.

I’ve had to mix and match the add-ons, man the struggle is real when you have 2 different add-ons to choose from but I am loving it and I am loving the sound of my keyboard now with and without the stand off feet.

My only gripe with the TKL base set is that it does not come with any default homing keys, not that it matters since I got used to type touching and my fingers find the F/J keys automatically but here are times they tend to look for the bump. I just didn’t want to spend the extra cash on the homing keys addon since I just be using 2 keys from it and everything else will be unused.