Site Layout Updated

It’s been a while since I worked on this website. I’ve been busy with a lot of things (like I wasn’t able to post or update anything for more than 1 year). Recently had the to work on this website again and decided to update the layout and look. Hopefully it renders well for everyone. I tried this with all common browsers and may phone and it seems to be working fine.

Hopefully I can update more often. With what’s going on with the world recently since the start of 2020, I hope everyone stays safe.

Flat File CMS

Flat file webpages are fast. Been into this open source cms things for sometime now (like since the first wordpress version came out) and all of my time with this has been spent with CMS + database which is not too bad if you have nice hosting and you don’t get too much traffic.

Some of the issue I have encountered with dynamic database driven cms are

  • you need a fast server & web host if you will run a lot of plugins
  • the more users, the more database calls hence slowing site performance if you are not on a fast server
  • needing fast server/web host means needing to pay more

Above are just few things I can think of. Don’t get me wrong but I am for dynamic websites that is if you need one. I have ran an SMF Forum site for years before and I know the pains when you have large number of users specially forum websites. I had to move from shared hosting to reseller hosing to VPS and finally to a dedicated unmanaged server within 1 year because the website growth went fast.

Recently I got into static webpage generators such as Jekyll but it was too technical for me. I am not that technical when it comes to back-end coding and shit hahaha.

A few months back I remember reading about this flat file cms (i.e. grav, kirby, pico, automad, nibbleblog etc). So a few days ago I went on to Mr. Google and searched for flat file cms. I read about bludit from a reddit link I found and tried it out. So far so good for this CMS at least for this personal site that I am running.

Plugin availability is enough for me atleast for what I need but I’d like to see more of the things I got used to wordpress but I ain’t complaining bitches

So for the first few runs at bludit, it seems all good for now.