Fnatic Rear Ends Secret

OML LULZ WTF!!! Literally

ESL One Katowice started a few days ago. After 3 days a lot of teams have dropped with the likes of Navi, OG, Mineski and a few more.

One of the most, if not the most unexpected game end happened yesterday between Fnatic and Team Secret. Both teams battled each other and went the distance to 3 games.

Game 1 was taken by Fnatic and the 2nd game was taken by Team Secret.

Game 3 was no different and was really very close. I won’t really go into details since you can always watch the replay somewhere but I would say at around the 50 minute mark, most people including me have concluded that it is a won game for Team Secret specially when EternalEnvy died and Fnatic lost their mid barracks.

While all the fighting was happening just outside Fnatic’s base the creeps were actually doing massive damage on Secret’s own base. The fighting went all the up to the top barracks and eventually EE and PieLieDie died without buyback. This was when the shit got real, Universe used his Dark Rift to teleport him, Abed and DJ to the radiants ancient which was half life because the creeps were already constantly hitting it. Secret wasn’t able to teleport back to base and glyph was down. Only Midone was able to go back but he really can’t do anything to stop it.

It was really a finish for the books. Fnatic just rear ended Secret (a come from behind win if you know what I mean) to come out on top securing them to the semifinals and more importantly a secured top 4 finish.

Here is the video of the ending of the game

Casters and Commentators Went Nuts