Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Industrial

My MX Brown Poker 3 using SA Industrial.

SA Industrial is uniform R3, PBT key caps from Signature plastics. The key set for me is underrated. It does feel very nice and it feels good to type on. Not sure why there is not much demand for it from the used/aftermarket websites. It did sell out from PMK’s website from what I understand but it should come up for sale from time to time.

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA PuLse

Another keyboard album this time my SA PuLse keycaps on my pok3r rb keyboard. Really nice to type on mx browns using SA profile. Not too many people like the feel but I like it and it matches the scratchy MX Browns, this switch is just the way I like it

Poker 3 + Tex Case + SA Carbon

The pok3r really feels good when used with SA profile keycaps. The MX Browns maybe scratchier reds but I really like that feels. Below are some shots with the pok3r using my Carbon SA keycaps

Poker 3 + Tex Case + GMK Carbon

This trio combination really looks good to me. I used this for a week at the office and everyone was asking me about the keyboard, unfortunately when I informed them how much the whole thing cost, no one became interested anymore. Takl about LOL!

Poker 3 + Tex Case

I decided to take out my old 60% out which is my Poker 3 with cherry mx browns housed in a Tex Aluminum case. Unfortunately I am not able to find the original box which also contained the tex case aluminum feet :(. Guess I will have to buy a new set of feet from /r/mechmarket or try to buy them from case directly, maybe after the Chinese new year since most Chinese around the world is on vaction mode now.