Keycool 87 + Solarized SA (Penumbra)

One of the most talked about sets in the mechanical keyboard scene.. It also has IMHO the most drama. Years after the initial group buy, some people are still waiting for their sets.

I got this set off r/mechmarket from someone who asked Signature Plastics to produce 10-15 sets. The seller was able to persuade SP to produce a small production run because he/she informed them that it will be used internally within their company and that the sets will never come out… which as we all know didn’t happen because I have a set in my possession so does 9 other more people.

In any case the colors were not for me and I only used it for a good week and decided to sell the set to someone who will actually use it. I do have typing sound videos of this keycap set on a keycool 87 keyboard.

Keycool 87 + 1976 SA

Old school colors were also my kind of thing from time to time.

Not sure why but in the niche mechanical keyboard world most old school color themes use a/the year for a name.. You got this 1976, 1965, 1983. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with a black and white theme and name it 1911 or 1912.

Keycool 87 + Danger Zone SA

I’ve decided to use my Danger Zone SA with the keycool and I like how it sounds when combined with the keyboard. Ofcourse there will be sound difference depending on the keyboard and keycap combination.

I have posted a typing sound test video for this combination here

Keycool 87 Cherry MX Reds + Carbon SA

Recently decided to take out the keycool out of storage room retirement.

It has cherry mx reds and this board always reminds me how I wanted my keyboard to sound when I was just starting. Too bad the switch is too soft for me and it does not help that it is linear and feels dull when I am typing.

Not sure if the photos in the album above show justice for how this combination looks. Most of the time, people how have SA Carbon use the keycaps with a dark colored board and I have not seen anyone use the keycap set on a light colored board.