TNC Pro Team Going to Kiev

Kiev Majors main qualifiers for South East Asia has just concluded. I was really hoping for 2 Filipino teams to go to Kiev but unfortunately Singapore’s Team Faceless seems to be the powerhouse in the region and they took the top spot.

It was mineski vs tnc for the 2nd and last spot for Kiev. TNC turned out the stronger team among the two. Hoping for the best for TNC. I wish for a top 3 finish. If they become champions then the better.

Here are the highlights

Bugatti si Real.. TNC wins WESG

The Bugatti dream continues to be real for TNC as then won the recently concluded WESG tournament beating Cloud 9 2-1. Damn these boys are now legit millionaires specially Kuku. After placing in the Top 8 last year in the International. Now the team has finished at the top of WESG with a $800,000 prize money.

See the winning moment below