AutoArt 1:18 Custom AE86

Have had this for quite sometime now but have always forgotten to share it here.

I have a custom AutoArt AE86 in 1/18 scale model. I like collecting weird shit (yeah for an adult to own toys is quite weird) and collecting diecast models is one of them. I really don’t go into the small models because I feel like I miss out on the details if I go with the smaller scale models.

This AE86 has been custom’d with

  • Watanabe Wheels
  • Lowered and stanced

If I had the money for an AE86, I sure would love to have it look the same as this scale model. Sharing photos and hope you like it

Rocket Bunny Scion FRS (Japan)

The bunny that started all the rockets. Thanks to Speedhunters for the nice photo below.

This is an old video once again done by one of my favorite channel. I know it’s old but if you haven’t seen this, thank me later or post in the comments :)

Ferrai 458 Inside a Toyota 86 Body

Guys from Donut Media must be out of their mind. Fuck Meh damn it.. God damn.. I hope to see this car running soon.

They just posted a video of the engine on and revving

More about this build from the facebook page below

Donut Media Facebook Page