Varmilo VA87M + SA Industrial

Of all the key caps I have tested and used with the VA87M, I feel the SA Industrial is the best keys in terms of feel with the keyboard. This is an old setup and I have long sold both the keyboard and the key set.

This Varmilo VA87M was using an aluminum case off taobao and I really felt the difference between aluminum and the original plastic case. The sound was more pronounced and solid and not hollow like when I was using the plastic case with it.

The board also came with Cherry MX Brown switches with felt really great with the SA industrial set.

Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

For me my SA Carbon looked best when I had it paired with my Varmilo VA87M.

One problem though is that SA profile does not really look that good when used with keyboards that has floating keycaps design (at least from my opinion).

This specific Varmilo VA87M comes with an aluminum case from taobao and it makes the whole board very hefty and solid. This also causes typing sound to change compared to using the original plastic case.

SA Penumbra + Sa PuLse

What happens when you combine SA Penumbra and SA PuLse. There is my take. The board I used is a Varmilo VA87M using the original blue plastic case.

There are 2 combinations SA Pulse alphas + SA Solarized modifiers and SA Solarized alphas + SA Pulse modifiers. I guess it turned pretty ok. Some people love it and some people hate it when I posted photos on reddit

Please take note that I did this the fastest way I can….. sooo some keys might not be in the correct location as they should.