Varmilo Sword68 (VA68M-V3) + MT3 Godspeed

Since I am retiring my Leopold FC660M and I have it posted on most selling portals. I have decided to switch the keycaps on the VA68M-V3. I think it looks good since the contrast of the keycaps is on the other side of the spectrum. It makes the keycaps popout because the case is all black. It actually feels good typing on these keycaps on an all aluminum case with an aluminum plate. The sound is not as loud as SA and is a bit muffled but I am liking it so far.

If you notice in my typing videos, I have now decided to do it in 2 parts. one with the stand off feet closed and one with the feet opened up. You will actually notice a sound difference. I almost always like the sound with the stand off feet closed for full aluminum boards and I normally like the feet opened up when I am using normal plastic cases. Not sure why but I am weird I guess?

Anyway hope you enjoy the photos below.

Sound Test: Varmilo VA68M-V3 (Sword68)

Sound test all stock Varmilo VA68M-V3 (Sword68)

  • Full Aluminum Case
  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Stock Doubleshot Thick PBT Keycaps

Varmilo Sword68 (VA68M-V3)

Unboxing Photos Here

Keyboard Features

  • 68-Key modified US ANSI Layout w/ English Legends
  • Cherry MX Brown Switch
  • 50 million actuations
  • Dimensions: 341 x 108 x 50mm (with angle stands used)
  • Dimensions: 341 x 108 x 35mm (with angle stands not used)
  • Detachable USB A to USB C
  • PBT Sublimated keycaps
  • Weight: 2.5kg including packaging
  • Made in China

Whats in the box?

  • 68-Key Mini Keyboard
  • 2.0m USB A to USB-C cable w/ velcro wrap
  • Extra keycaps to interchange capslock with control
  • Keypuller
  • Plastic PVC Cover
  • Warranty Card

This is marketed as Varmilo Sword68 but it is basically the same as the Varmilo VA68M, infact it does say the model as VA68M-V3 at the bottom label. This version came in 3 colors.

  • Black case with black legends on dark grey keycaps
  • Silver case with white alphas, dark gray modifiers and some CMYK keycaps such as the (ctrl, alt, shift etc)
  • Space Gray case, black bottom with whie alphas, black legends on dark gray keycaps modifiers and blue enter and spacebar keycaps

Overall I can pretty much say the quality of the keyboard is very high. Since it uses a full aluminum case, it is sturdy and heavy with very little to no flex. It also uses an brushed aluminum plate which adds to the weight. The keycaps are pbt dye sublimated keycaps which feel really nice but if you ask me I like the Leopold FC660M doubleshot pbt keycaps more. I also noticed that the height of the keycaps is a bit higher compared to the one’s that came with my FC660M which are basically cherry profile. For some reason my board came with white LED lighting. I did not find this information anywhere even on Varmilo’s website.

The stabilizers I think came lubed from the factory. They are cherry style stabilizers and there is really no rattle specially on the spacebar. My Leopold FC660M has a bit of rattle specially when you press the space bar near the left or right edge.

Aside from the full aluminum case (which is the main reason I bought this keyboard), the Sword68 has 2 extra keys that is not present in my FC660M and that would be the page up and page down keys. I use those 2 keys a lot for the things I do on my computer so not having those when I started using the FC660M took a lot of getting used to.

One may not like how the indicator for the fuction row works. Basically you press FN+PgUP to make the number row function as F-Row and this keeps the Page Up LED on to indicate the mode your are in. If you want to use the number row as the number row, you have to press FN+PgDOWN and this will keep the Page Down LED on. Normal function like FN+number key to use it as F-Key will still work

Led turnd on

All in all I am very happy with the purchase and with that I will be retiring my FC600M and will be posting them for sale locally. If you have the money and want a 65-68key keyboard but don’t want to spend too much on custom keyboards or can’t be bothered to build one yourself I highly recommend this keyboard.

Size Comparison between Varmilo Sword 68 and Leopold FC660M

Varmilo VA87M + SA Industrial

Of all the key caps I have tested and used with the VA87M, I feel the SA Industrial is the best keys in terms of feel with the keyboard. This is an old setup and I have long sold both the keyboard and the key set.

This Varmilo VA87M was using an aluminum case off taobao and I really felt the difference between aluminum and the original plastic case. The sound was more pronounced and solid and not hollow like when I was using the plastic case with it.

The board also came with Cherry MX Brown switches with felt really great with the SA industrial set.

Varmilo VA87M + SA Carbon

For me my SA Carbon looked best when I had it paired with my Varmilo VA87M.

One problem though is that SA profile does not really look that good when used with keyboards that has floating keycaps design (at least from my opinion).

This specific Varmilo VA87M comes with an aluminum case from taobao and it makes the whole board very hefty and solid. This also causes typing sound to change compared to using the original plastic case.

SA Penumbra + Sa PuLse

What happens when you combine SA Penumbra and SA PuLse. There is my take. The board I used is a Varmilo VA87M using the original blue plastic case.

There are 2 combinations SA Pulse alphas + SA Solarized modifiers and SA Solarized alphas + SA Pulse modifiers. I guess it turned pretty ok. Some people love it and some people hate it when I posted photos on reddit

Please take note that I did this the fastest way I can….. sooo some keys might not be in the correct location as they should.